Special report: Banks continue robo-signing

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Special report: Banks continue robo-signing.. reuters has found that some of the biggest U.S. banks and other "loan servicers" continue to file questionable foreclosure documents with courts and county clerks. They are using tactics that late last year triggered an outcry, multiple.

Special Report: Health Care Heroes go above and beyond. Bank of America and an arm of Goldman Sachs, making it easy for lenders and mortgage processors to continue the practice of robo.

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The Banks Promised to Clean Up Their Act — So Why Are They Still Using Robo-Signers to Engage in Foreclosure Fraud?

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Part 3 - Big Banks Misbehaving: Robo-signing Special thanks to Michael.. understand why banks continue to hold limbo loans. themselves were often inaccurate, having been signed by “robo-signers” who. the call report variables measuring a bank's financial strength, we find that.

continue at a brisk pace through 2011 and beyond. Most federally insured. has not identified "robo-signing" or any other deficiencies that would warrant formal enforcement actions.. nonmember banks-special Foreclosure Edition . Division of Risk Management

Banks Continue ‘Robo-Signing’ Foreclosure Practices In Spite Of Promises To Contrary: investigation [updated] reuters has found that some of the biggest U.S. banks and other "loan servicers" continue to file questionable foreclosure

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