Inside or Outside When Sailing the ICW

 · The waterway is narrow and shallow, meaning that aside from designated anchorages (which are also shallow) your only option to stop for the night is.

If we have to spend a day parked somewhere, I have seen a lot of places not nearly as pretty as this. At least, it was pretty when we came in. Now, well after sunset, with a low overcast dropping rain all around, mostly what it is is DARK, really quiet, and cold. All of which should make for a pretty good night of sleeping, here in the ICW.

Costs of Sailing – 6 months on the ICW. getting it ready to sail then details of spending on marinas and fuel while sailing 2000 miles down the Intracoastal Waterway down the US eastern coast.

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Cruising Down the icw 2018. 2018 ICW Cruising Guide. Available now, click on book. Cruising Tips.. One of the side effects is the heat from running t all the time. I checked it today and it was 91 inside the cabin when it was only 75 outside. Well, maybe I overdid it..

It was fabulous! I agree with the others, make sure you have the lastest chart kits, and all the other guides you can find. I found the Skipper Bob books to be helpful with marinas, fuel cost, hazards on the ICW, and anchorages. Their web site used to give you all the updates on the hazards. Don’t know about now. You have to keep alert on the ICW.

miles. Or you can continue on the NJ-ICW for 117 miles, and take a short 45-mile run outside into NY Harbor and Liberty Landing. The NJ-ICW is known for it’s shallow waters, shoaling, winds, and tidal changes. If your boat has a draft of 4′ or less you will be fine. If your draft is 4′ 6" it might be touch & go. I have a 4′ 6" draft and take the inside

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Sailing the ICW. The 1,088-mile channel, which is a collection of estuaries, sounds, and rivers stretching from Norfolk, VA, to Miami, FL, is unlike most bodies of water that sailors typically frequent. It promises some unusual challenges, some satisfying, some not.

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Shoulder-season prices also are lower than those in winter, and typically, you’ll find pleasant weather (outside of hurricane season). May: Sail the Mediterranean. July: Head north to Alaska to.