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Don’t Pay Unnecessary Documentary Stamp and Intangible Taxes – Berger Singerman Law Blog A note made or delivered in Florida and secured by a leasehold mortgage will be subject to documentary stamp taxes but is not subject to the non-recurring intangible tax.

Don’t Pay Unnecessary Documentary Stamp and Intangible Taxes – Berger Singerman Law Blog Raising the Failure to Pay Taxes as a Defense According to the decision in Nikooie , Section 201.08 is a statutory limitation on the enforceability of a promissory note, mortgage or other such instrument, and as such, the failure of a party to pay the.

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Don’t Pay Unnecessary Documentary Stamp and Intangible Taxes – Berger Singerman Law Blog Now, of course, that’s not entirely true – a lot of good information was conveyed and I did learn things I didn’t know before. However, it did leave me keenly aware that Florida’s documentary stamp tax and intangibles tax are confusing even to.