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Calculate and Verify Hashes or Checksums of Files in Windows the Quick Easy Way! Little Brother is a brilliant novel with a bold argument: hackers and gamers might just be our country’s best hope for the future. ­ Jane McGonical, Designer, I Love Bees.

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So when the opportunity comes to make the kernel go faster without the need to rewrite any performance-critical code paths, there will naturally be a fair amount of interest. Whether the "link-time.

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It is also possible to cache more than one existing filesystem, or choose instead to just cache a small number of performance-critical filesystems. and mostly implemented. Suppose you had multiple.

Adding checksums is not sufficient – a checksum only proves that what is there is what was written. Properly self-describing metadata can detect blocks that were written in the wrong place and assist.

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You can set up any type of RAID 1 configuration as long as your raid card supports the connections.When setting up RAID REMEMBER the secondary bios. with a parity drive for pretty much mission.

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